Boosting a Facebook post vs. Running a Facebook ad – Difference You Should Know

Marketing a business through social networking has become quite common over the past few years. There are varied social networking sites that can help you in catering to the need neatly. In fact, Facebook is one of the best examples of social networking sites; Facebook acts as a catalyst to promote your brand exceptionally well these days. However, while marketing your brand on Facebook, many of you may not be aware of the options that are right for your brand’s goals. In simple words, if you are not aware of the brass tacks of social media marketing, it will not be easy for you to resolve any key decisions, as if whether to choose between Facebook ads and boosted posts.

In this blog, we are discussing the merits and demerits of Facebook ads vs. boosted posts and let you know when to use one against the other:

Facebook Ads

When it comes to showing differences between Facebook ads and regular posts, some of the users simply have no answer. That reason is simple; a plenty of ads turn up directly in users’ News Feeds, right next to status updates, photos, and videos from their buddies. While ads invariably are labeled as “Sponsored Content” in light gray text, they are at times not different from regular posts in other ways.

Facebook ads and regular posts, by the way, are different from each other in relation to noting what is under the hood. Facebook ads furnish users with a variety of analytics options, and manifold ways thus helping brands to keep a tab on ad engagement and classify the marketing goals. In addition to this, Facebook ads are rendered with amazing targeting options, which allow users to target the ads very well in terms of age, sex, site, interests, and other standards.

Facebook ads again one extra weighty point over Facebook posts, as the former features relatively richer formatting options than the latter by having a variety of improved options for carousel ads, slideshow ads, canvas ads, and so on. The ads may also include call to action buttons, thus giving extra convenience to social media marketing professionals.

Boosted Posts

Compared to Facebook ads, boosted posts are a bit less complex and can readily be handled if already know how to handle Facebook’s News Feed. A boosted post is different from a regular ad, as the former is tantamount to a standard Facebook post that you pay to pull in a more huge volume of target audience to your brand. This way, you can expect to see that your ad posts are seen by a legion of target users, who will like to read through your content.

Facebook boosted posts however as better than Facebook ads because of the following key aspect: free audience research. A maximum number of brands boost the posts after they are in possession of audience engagement data, facilitating boost posts that they are aware of how to deal well with their audience.

Thankfully, as a result of the useful Facebook’s Ad Manager tool, you have the convenience to target your audience with boosted posts just like you target your ads. This will work wonders in making the boosted posts feature more useful if you are producing News Feed content appealing to specific demographics.

So whether to choose Facebook Ads or Posts

When it comes to choosing between Facebook ads and boosted posts, it is first important to set and/or have a look at your social media marketing goals, as it largely depends on the same.

Each and every format typically results in giving a range of outcomes. Facebook ads are known to deliver improved and quick impact and more effectively achieve campaign goals, for example, lead captures, app installations, and sales. The improved features and functionality of Facebook ads is another salient point to make them a better fit for your marketing operation. In the meantime, boosted posts are sure to improve your brand’s social media engagement and, by and large, your social media presence.

If you have a hard-hitting and exact campaign in mind, the decision to choose between a Facebook regular ad and a boosted post will depend on the long-term and short-term outcomes. If we talk in a broader scale, the cocktail of Facebook ads and boosted posts are simply the best way to split up your Facebook social media marketing budget. Boosted posts will act as a catalyst to develop your brand’s reach and fan base, while ads are a great way to render your brand’s presence into substantial outcomes. This one-two strategy will enable you to build likes and fans, subsequently convert your potential new followers into real customers.