Growth Hacking
Come with us, we will help you know what exactly growth hacking means.
Growth hacking is a reference source and used when needed only. There are too many questions regarding growth hacking for example: Is it marketing for disguise? Is it a phrase that can be used in increasing salaries? Is it the future of internet products?
Come with us, we will help you know what exactly growth hacking means.
Growth hacking is a process to experiment rapidly across the marketing channels and development of products, that helps to identify the most effective and efficient way to get the growth of business. It is a fine combination of art and science that refers to a set of conventional and unconventional experiments of marketing to lead your business to a big growth.
For this process, we specifically focus on engaging the user base of any business and also we focus on low-cost alternatives to our traditional marketing.

The growth hacking process we follow at T1MS.AI has been divided into four steps

1) Cut the Main Goal into Realistic Micro Goals:

Every business has a monumental goal. Cutting the main goal into realistic micro goals helps in increasing monthly visitors on your website. An average count of daily newsletter subscribers also helps in increasing your email list. Also, it is helpful in decreasing the rate of abandonment of your shopping cart by two to three percent within a month. We will help you with the same strategy when targeting for your main goal.

2) Analyze/Measure Each Set Of Data Points:

After reaching your realistic goals, the next and very important step for the growth hacking process is analyzing and measuring each and every set of data points as the majority of the goals will involve numbers. We will help you out to know when your number is inside and when it is outside. We will also help you calculate decisions, which will lead to your explosive growth.

3) Development of a Conversion Funnel:

By developing the conversion funnel, you will drive your revenue and can become great at mapping out the micro goals and also the analysis of data.

4) Constant Split-Test:

By doing a split test of everything constantly, we help you achieve most noticeable gains. As we all know that number doesn’t lie.
Give a chance to T1MS.AI to serve you and get ready to grow your business with the industry leaders.

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Come with us, we will help you know what exactly growth hacking means.