Software Development
T1MS.AI is a reputed software development company offering a full range of custom software development services to companies from different industries and domains.

T1MS.AI is a reputed software development company in California, offering a full range of custom software development services to companies from different industries and domains.

Our software developers give you well-developed software according to your business need. We also take care about the interest of your customers and come with software that helps you win trust of your valuable customers.

The software we develop for your business is easy to integrate with any established program. Furthermore, we can also create new version of existing software to help you keep pace with the changing market and customer preferences. Our new version is always different from the previous version.

There are numerous steps we take in this process to give you the best results. To begin, first we understand what we need from the software. Based on which, we develop and create a plan, write code and test it for the bugs prior to the launch.

Software development process we follow at T1MS.AI:

Determination of the basic type

The first step we take is to determine the basic type of software development that interests your people. For the development of software, there are two basic components we use: one is Applications Development and the second is System Development.

In application development, we need to focus on creating such programs that meet the user’s needs. These programs can range from mobile applications to high production video games, also to enterprise- level account software.

Programming Language

We change an idea into something tangible, by using our awareness and education with the programming language. We not just work for some design aspects of the software but also utilize our deep knowledge about coding to create effective basic prototypes.


It is a very old language, but it is still in use for development of a low-level program. C works very closely with the computer and hardware.


It is an object oriented version of C language. C++ is very popular, in fact it is the most popular language in the whole world.


Java language is an evaluation of C++ and this language is very easy and portable. It is used to build business software and video games.


This is a window based language and also it is a part of .NET, especially this language is designed for Apple software.


This is another version of C language, which is generally used for Apple.


Python is one of the easiest languages to learn, it is specialized for web development.


PHP language works as an essential for web development and E-commerce website development.

Ready to Start?

T1MS.AI has a team of experts having experience of more than ten years.
They know every bit of software development and offer customized solutions to the clients.