SMS Marketing
Make Strong Relationships with Your Customers through SMS marketing.

SMS Marketing

Make Strong Relationships with Your Customers with SMS marketing.
SMS marketing is a service with short messages. In this technique, the permission-based text is used to distribute promotional messages and encourage the potential customers to buy products from you.
T1MS.AI is here to make your SMS marketing more effective and beneficial for your business. With low-cost effect, our technical team and the experts create perfect text that gets fit into your product and service details.


We send some initial codes to an automated system for the customers, as they need an automated system to receive the initial code. After receiving the initial code, the customer has to send a short code to receive further text messages loaded with updates about your new products and all information about your services.
After receiving the code from the customer, we text them the number and store the same number with the help of our SMS marketing software. When storing is done for the number of the user a confirmation response is required from the side of the user, we do so because we do not want to waste your time in attending a traffic that doesn’t belong to your business. After sending the confirmation response text, if the customer replies with a positive feedback with the software generated code, we provide the subscription to your customer with an option that they can unsubscribe the service in future.

T1MS.AI Goal

Our goal is to increase the loyalty of customers by building a huge database of genuine subscribers with the help of SMS marketing. With this database of subscribers, you can reach out to your target audience and can find more conversions. We do the implementation of the close range of marketing tactics. We create an ideal way to notify people within the vicinity of some immediate offers without using the push notification applications.
We not only inform your customers about your services and upcoming deals but also send them reminders about your upcoming events.

Polling option

We keep your customers engaged with your product and services by polling option. We ask them to poll their opinion about your products and services. This would help you identify the requirements and make your opinion to bring the changes as per their requirement.
With us you can reach your target success point, as your success is our success. We put all our best efforts and best of our knowledge to serve you with innovative and professional SMS marketing services.

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