Unlock Professional SEO Article Writers Secrets

Process of writing is simple. Writing is not about using big words to impress. It is all about using simple words in an impressive and creative way. For creating a good content a writer has to work really hard. It involves a research and creative skill to develop an effective piece of writing.

Here I am sharing some useful tips for improving your writing skills.

Keywords Research: Research of keyword plays a major role in writing SEO content. Analyze your competitor and check for what keywords they are prompting their service. Another most important way is to find out what people are searching for.

Use the keywords correctly: The keywords which you are going to final, make sure those keywords have a good amount of searches and use those keywords in your Meta title, Meta Description, page title and in between the content.

Keywords Density: After completing proper keyword research use those SEO keywords in your content. Make sure you are not using each keyword again and again.  According to Google Guidelines keywords density should be 2-3 percent only. Keep this in mind and use your keywords accordingly.

Catchy Heading: Before starting to write content, create an eye catching title for your SEO Content. Not even user, but also Google loves to prefer something new and different topics. Your Heading is the first impression of your content.

Use of Heading Tags: Always make sure you are using proper heading tags in your content, for example, if you have more than sub topic, which are essential to use, use them in an H2 tag, here I assumed your title is already in the H1 tag.

Selection of Topic: Selection of topic is also a big deal. You have to choose that topic which is in trend or people are searching for them frequently. Treading topic will always give boost to your post.

Content Quantity: If I talk about content quality then I prefer to write unique and different content. Content should be in good format. The user always prefers to read that content that has pinpointed data.

Visual Impact of Content: No one interested in reading a boring and lengthy content. Always add some eye-catching images or video related to your topic. It not only attracts to user, but also help to user to engage with your content.

Analyze and Edit Your Work:  It is always a best practice that before doing public your content read it twice. If you find any error then correct it. Make sure that when you write you do so in a program that has both a grammar checker and spell check, and always use it.

Track Your Content: Do not sit idle after publishing your content. Use Google Analytic to monitor your content activity. How many users read your content on a daily basis, what are the demographics of your user, is the staying on the website or leaving quickly. Google Analytic helps these entire factors. So do not forget to implement Google analytic code in your website or blog.

Just follow these simple steps before writing SEO article for your website. Hope you find this content interesting and useful.