Why Should Business on Facebook?

Before talking about Why Should Business Market on Facebook, I want to ask some questions.

  1. Do you have your Facebook Business page?
  2. Are you using Facebook to its fullest?
  3. Are you spending your money on Paid Marketing?

As we all know today Facebook is the most widely used social media platforms and even people are also using Facebook to get information about Businesses, but still, there is a lot of Business who is not using Facebook. So if you are one of those people who has not yet created their Business Page on Facebook then this post is definitely for you. In this post I am going to share the benefits of having a Facebook page and why all Business should have a Facebook page.

Business Page or Business Profile?

Before promoting business on Facebook you should know the difference between Business Page or Business Profile. Most of Business Owners use Business Profile instead of Business Page. After creating an account in Facebook we have two options, one is a personal profile or business profile where we can add our Business logo, cover pages and also has options of updating post on a daily basis but unlike Facebook Business Page, we cannot get followers in our Page.

By creating a business page, users can simply LIKE your page, also able to engage in a more comfortable way. In short, Facebook Profile is for Person, whereas Facebook pages are for businesses.

Benefits of Creating Facebook Business Page


Testimonials and Reviews – If you create your Facebook business page as a Local then you have the option to get reviews from your customers or clients. Even you can also ask for reviews from your previous happy clients.

Reach a Targeted Audience – As we know Facebook has a million of active users, but not all users requiring our business services. To get benefits from the Facebook audience, we need to reach specific target audiences who have need of our business.

For Example, if I have an online men’s watch store then there is no need to target people who are looking for Clothes.

Organic Reach – In Facebook via likes, shares, and comments on your post, you can get a good amount of Organic Reach. This type of exposure is referred to as organic reach. The more you engage with your business page organic reach of your Facebook page will increase.

Call-to-Action – At the top of the business’s Facebook page you can create a strong call to action. This call-to-action can be used on your page in a few different ways, such as:

  • Shop now
  • Call now
  • Visit us
  • Sign up
  • Learn more

Calls-to-action helps to generate leads or attract customers to visit your website and also increase click-through rates.

Use Facebook Insights – Facebook Insights easy to understand and provide great information for business owners. Via Facebook Insights you can easily check few metrics like:


  • The Reach of your posts & page
  • Engagement of the page
  • Number of new Likes of Unlikes
  • Post Performance… and many more

Facebook Advertising- With the help of Facebook paid marketing you can specify who will see your ads based on factors such as age, gender, device, location, and interests.

Be Mobile Ready – Do not forget to optimize your page not only for desktop but also for mobile devices because when people visit your Facebook page via a mobile device then they saw following details:

  • Phone number to call directly from the Facebook mobile app
  • Hours of operation
  • Address
  • Reviews

Hopefully, these benefits have convinced you that having a Facebook business page is an absolutely right decision. So friends start creating your business page now.